Virtual Online Narcotics Anonymous Meetings for Addicts

NA Online Meetings

In keeping with the traditions of NA – this site does not affiliate it itself with “Zoom NA meetings” or any specific type of “Virtual Online NA Meetings”. Zoom is a platform – NOT a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. Members of Narcotics Anonymous are able to choose a platform that best serves their meeting, once a platform is chosen it is used to host your groups online NA meeting. A simple example – a face to face NA meeting might be held at a church – the church is who you pay rent to and the meeting is autonomous. Online and virtual meeting platforms are the same with one BIG exception… Zoom requires your personal information – Jitsi does not.

We use Jitsi on this website. Jitsi is a free open-source platform for web and mobile conferencing. There is no login for meetings on this site. Meaning you just click to join an online meeting from your computer. If you are joining via your phone – there is an app to download.
There are virtual NA online meetings available everyday of the week. These NA meetings are open to all members of Narcotics Anonymous as well as any newcomer. 

You can start your own virtual NA meeting and allow others to access it at any time.
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How do you start an Online Narcotics Anonymous Meeting?

If you want to host your NA meeting on this website just click on the submission form and we will build it for you!

We have been asked if we can set up for a group or meeting place that has daily meetings – can we set that up and the answer is YES!

We can set up for one meeting or for a group of meetings.

Of course; feel free to set up your own meeting and you can email it to us to add it to the active virtual meeting list.

What is Narcotics Anonymous?

One of the readings from almost every Narcotics Anonymous meeting is titled – “What Is the Narcotics Anonymous Program?”

Many members of narcotics Anonymous know this answer by heart. If you are new to NA meetings or wanting to learn more we suggest this as your first reading.

NA is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. This is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs. There is only one requirement for membership, the desire to stop using. Read More

Why do people go to NA meetings?

There are many good reasons to go to NA meetings consistently throughout your recovery journey. Here are a few:

  • From the 2nd edition NA Basic Text – “We have learned from our group experience that those who keep coming to our meetings regularly stay clean.”
  • From the 2nd edition NA Basic Text – “Our meetings have an atmosphere of empathy.”
  • From the 2nd edition NA Basic Text – “Our meetings are a process of identification, hope and sharing. The heart of NA beats when two addicts share their recovery.”
  • From the 2nd edition NA Basic Text – “A meeting is two or more addicts gathered together to help each other stay clean.”
  • From the 2nd edition NA Basic Text – “At the beginning of the meeting, we read NA literature which is available to anyone.”
  • From the 2nd edition NA Basic Text – “Closed meetings are for addicts or those who think they might have a drug problem; open meetings welcome anyone wishing to experience our fellowship.”
  • From the 2nd edition NA Basic Text – “Meetings provide us with a place to be with fellow addicts. All we need are two addicts, caring and sharing, to make a meeting.”
  • From the 2nd edition NA Basic Text – “After sitting in a meeting, or several meetings, we began to feel that people cared and were willing to help.”
  • From the 2nd edition NA Basic Text – “Recovery is what happens in our meetings; each of our lives is at stake.”

Virtual NA Meetings during the Pandemic and After

Meetings for Narcotics Anonymous are now available virtually or through telecommunication. With the improvements of technology and the Internet, it has been easier and more accessible to offer meetings virtually and online. provides access to virtual NA meetings all over the world as well as the opportunity to host your own online NA meeting.

Given the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many NA meetings are being offered online to make it more accessible to people and allow them to not be exposed to the virus.

Virtual meetings give a person in NA recovery the opportunity to continue their 12-step program while staying safe in their own home.

Online meetings allow a person to:

  • Stay connected, even if it’s not in person
  • Meetings can be attended on your computer or over the phone via calling in to a number to just listen or using an app from your app store

People of Narcotics Anonymous are staying clean during these hard times. You never have to use again!

The only way we can keep what was given to us is by sharing this new gift of life with the still suffering addict.

We find trusting others with more experience to be a strength rather than a weakness. Our experience reveals that working the steps is our best guarantee against a relapse.

We have never seen a person relapse who lives the Narcotics Anonymous program.