About na12steps.com

We have received a lot of calls and emails wanting to know who we are and what is the catch.  This is completely understandable as many groups are concerned about their privacy.  There is no catch. We are not profiting in any way.  Those of us that manage this site are members of Narcotics Anonymous.  We are donating our time and resources to the fellowship to provide a safe and secure way to host meetings.

We understand that there is a need and we are trying to help meetings anywhere we can with a free space to host meetings.

It is no different than having your meeting in park or in someones home when a facility is not available.  We are not collecting data and we are not recording meetings in anyway.

The hosting service that we use is called Jitsi Meet. Information on it can be found here. It is a free open source virtual host that does not require any personal data. All you need is a PC or a phone to use it.  All we are doing is setting up links in one location for addicts to easily find them.  

na12steps.com is a website dedicated to helping NA Members host a virtual meeting – at no cost – and right now. We know that many meetings have been using zoom, but they are being limited to the amount of time and capacity. We have no limits and we are free.

We launched as quickly as we could and are building as we go, but we will do our best to get your meeting set up as quickly as we can to meet this ever growing need.

Our primary purpose is to provide meetings that can be attended with video and audio, audio only, and call in.

Our goal is to host only NA meetings around the world. We are based in the US and this is where we are starting.

Can you host an NA meeting – YES! Fill out the form here.

You can access via a computer or a phone.

Using a computer – go to www.na12steps.com – click on meetings and go to a meeting

Using a phone – you need to download the app – “Jitsi Meet” – Yes it is Free. From here you have to enter your Room Name – then you are in.

How do you know your Room Name? – Your meeting room name should be displayed on the button for the meeting you are joining on the meetings page.

Any issues or questions – fill our contact us form found here.

We are trying to meet a need we see during this time of crisis in our nation. Be patient. Be Kind. Stay Clean No Matter What.

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If you have any comments, concerns, or if you have any suggestions about how we can make the site better please feel free to reach out to our admin staff  here contact us.